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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  September 13, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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right at them near i-17 and camelback. katie conner is live at the scene. do you have an update on the officers? >> reporter: the officers have sustained serious injuries and investigators are looking at surveillance video at that qt. a sergeant and two officers were standing outside and all of a sudden, this happened. >> you can see in the video that they hear the they see them and try to run out of the way. and two of them get struck seriously. >> and police say the driver gets out and cites the third officer who manages to pin the guy down until backup arrives. abc15 was the first station there. two suffered broken bones and are in serious condition. the suspect was slapped in handcuffs and taken to a nearby hospital.
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hauled off to jail. investigators think impairment is a factor. this qt will be shut down for several hours. right now detectives are trying to figure out a motive. >> boy, an intentional act. scary stuff there. and i'm working on a few more updates on breaking news. an early morning apartment fire as displaced some people. but first you look at the weather. right now feeling pretty good. another degree. we're down to 78 degrees in phoenix. a very nice start. we have breezes out of the southeast right now. bumping up to 155 and 15 miles per hour. and the winds will get stronger through the day today. all dry as you step outside. desert doppler all clear and this morning will be nice and dry. we have a slight chance of storms, a 10% chance. i'll talk about who has the
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hundreds, only up to 98 degrees. and we'll get stronger winds as the dose of cooler air sets in. i'll break down the hour-by- hour forecast and show you when we'll feel the strongest winds. the drive is problem free. great conditions valley wide. if you're about to hop on the 10 traveling astbound. this is i-17 to u.s. 30. if you continue into valley, it's super light on u.s. 60 and 101. and 202 red mountain we had a crash. but that's cleared up. we'll give you a look at i-17 in just a few minutes. the time is 5:02 and a family wakes up to fire filling their apartment. the scary thing. people who live there think someone may have thrown something into the apartment and started this. justin pazera is joining us
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avenue and mcdowell with the newest information. >> reporter: it was really desperation from everyone in this apartment complex trying to put this out. look at all of the fire extinguishers right here. and there's a fire extinguish outside this apartment that caught on fire. and you can see all of the busted glass. that's what woke the family up. take a look at the damage inside. the family was fast asleep and heard all of this look at how hot the fire got. it's believed the fire started on the balcony. they believe that somebody intentionally set this. possibly someone threw something up on the balcony and started thefire. and i talked with the homeowner. and he was supposed to be at work this morning and decided not to take that extra day of work. instead, he was here with his family. he hates to think what would
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he didn't even get to use it. you can see where the family photos were on the wall. just the burn marks around them. the homeowner says the photos can't be replaced but thankfully, everybody is okay. as for what started the fire. that's under investigation. we're live in phoenix, justin pazera, abc15. >> glad everyone is okay. unacceptable, unnerving and on the loose. we joggers who like to run on the bridle path in central phoenix. a man was exposing himself on the stretch of road between central and northern. he allows victims to cross and then acts like he needs help. when the women get close to the car, he exposes himself. >> i looked down into the car and he had his pants down
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performing a lewd act and exposing himself to me. >> as for a description, he's an african-american man in his late teens or early 20s in a light colored sedan. if you see anything suspicious, call police. too close to call and a recount will begin in the race between christine jones and andy biggs. biggs is leading the razor thin margin. jones wants an investigation and this has to do with early ballots counted three days after the primary election. the jones campaign wants to know why so many ballots were tossed out as over votes. >> when -- >> some booing going out in guadalupe. candidates who lost the election get to be on the town
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take office in november. and the current council appointed two of the councilmembers who lost to be on the country until then. closing arguments are resuming in the case of lindsay -- who is accused of letting several underage boys at a bar mitzvah fondle and prosecutors say it went further. >> she seduced the boys all night long. started at the table and modified through the house into the bedrooms. >> her lawyer claims she was too drunk to consent to any sexual activity. nearly a week and no answers as to why or who gunned down -- while she was driving on the 51. police believe three hispanic
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responsible. family and friends will say their goodbyes on saturday. the funeral will be held at 11 a.m. at the rest haven chapel of reflection near 40th street and southern. time is 5:07 on your tuesday morning. they're called bedbugs, but they weren't found in a beg. where one man was sitting with creepy crawlers eating him for lunch. >> a new scam because it uses a company all of what you need to know so you don't get taken for a ride. the freeway looks nice and light. i'll give you a look at the desert drive times next. a nice 78 degrees under
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it was doggie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. temperatures are cooler this morning n the 70s and we
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off our day. sitting in the mid- to upper 70s across the phoenix metro. glendale and deer valley are 78. and mid- to upper 70s in the southeast valley too, mesa and chandler. breezes between five and 15 miles per hour. still fairly light breezes across the valley. at phoenix sky harbor coming out of the southeast. the winds shift to out of the west, southwest and increase. for the valley n range this afternoon with gusts at times between 25 and 30 miles per hour. up minority. up to 40 miles per hour. pots like flagstaff and the grand canyon and the upper colorado river valley has a heightened fire concern. the area in the pink is a red flag warning in effect for today. stronger winds and lower
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we warm into the 90s by 11:00 and we stay in the 90s through the afternoon. the high today, only 98 degrees in phoenix. we'll talk about the lingering storm chances next. if your drive takes you on i-17. take a look. from loop 101, nice and green conditions. it's a seven-minute drive time from the stack to the i-10 split. no problem spots and things are no delays just yet and this is at 67th avenue and back to 75th it's getting a little busy as well. i'll give you a closer look in a few more minutes. fed up and taking action. a man got robbed twice. and you're renting a house. who do you do if the home needs
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landlord to fix it. and this next video has me stopped. you have got to see what happened to a plane as it skidded down a runway. and gma first look, chaos and confusion on the dance floor at ryan lochte's performance at the dancing with the stars premier. watch as he's being critiqued and security personnel rushing in before the show quickly throws to a break. >> take a deep breath. we'll be right back. we had a little incident. i would like to personally thank our security team for staying in shape. >> it's later revealed that two protesters wearing antilochte shirts stormed the stage. the competitors and judges were shaken. >> so many feelings going through my head right now.
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>> we'll have exclusive video at 7 a.m.
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5:14 on this tuesday morning. thanks so much for waking up with us at abc15 mornings. 78degrees as we give you a live look outside. tempe is still lit up this morning as we wait for the sun to did you see this? camelback mountain was more a scene of panic. usually it's a beautiful spot in the morning. panic took over for two teens. the 16 and 18-year-olds were in a spot that was two steep. this is the second nighttime rescue in four days on
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being there after dark. you have to see this video. watch this here. the plane -- foggy weather causing a rough landing. skidding down the runway. and the cargo plane landed there and slammed down into the runway and then skids for nearly a mile there. ripping the landing gears right off of the plane before it finally stopped. debris was scattered everywhere as you can imagine. look at that nobody was injured and the thing about it -- listen to this -- it was delivering fuel and supplies to two small indonesian islands. amazing it didn't explode. she betrayed cancer patients and families stealing from a charity she worked for. and now she heads to prison for
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$200,000 for personal purchases. manipulating her own paycheck. the staff says they were betrayed as well. and they are working to rebuild trust in the organization. >> we really had to stop and make sure that we put the pieces in place to have proper oversight so that this could not happen again. >> she'll also serve three years probation after her time behind bars. scammers are doing we have a new scam. callers are calling as aps agents, threatening to shut off you power if you don't pay a certain amount of money. aps posts all valid numbers on your bills. good morning. joe ducey here. let's say you have a hole in the ceiling or a leak in the home you're renting.
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sweet time fixing it. what do you do? a patch job. her apartment is full of them. >> this was a lot bigger. >> the whole ceiling was coming through. >> a worker fell through the roof causing a hole and a mess. yes, that's a pot catching the water coming from the air conditioner. >> all my stuff is getting mildew. >> she's been asking for him to fix it for th >> i want them to fix it. i'm not paying rent. i'm going to move someone else. >> reporter: pro residential services manages and owns several apartment complexes in the valley. including this one. he said the roof was fixed and the ceiling was pending while we file a claim with the roofing company. and all other problems including the ac have been fixed.
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with this. >> after we sent this video. pro residential services sent us these pictures after maintains workers fixed the hole and the leak. >> thanks for fixing it but i don't know why it took so long. document everything with pictures, send them a certified letter. if you have a problem, let me know. >> and you see the results that joe gets. the city of scottsdale looking to ac usage. we obtained new documents that show a number of proposed changes, and among them a ban on takeoffs and landings at the following parks. pinnacle peak park, and stone gate. the rules would not apply to first responders. and if passed you could be fined up to $300 for taking off and landing your drones there. we've had a pretty nice morning so far temperature-wise
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some breezes out there. and just a few high passing clouds, and you see from the time lapse from the arizona department of environmental quality. just a few high thin clouds. as we go through the day, we'll see the high clouds increase. and as you get ready to head out the door. all clear and dry on the roads, we are all dry in the valley. in the surrounding areas, and really across the state here. off to a very quiet start. we do have a storm system approaching from the west. and i wa wide view because the brown colors that you see on the water vapor map indicate drier air. eventually that drier air pushes in clearing storm chances completely. but today we have lingering moisture. that will keep at least a slight chance of storms in play for the valley. and better chances on the mogollon rim. once we get into the early afternoon, the storms could get going in northeast arizona. the best potential along the
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the east valley. so we'll be watching for that as we go into this afternoon. after this afternoon and early evening. we start to clear out the storm chances. and tomorrow looking mostly sunny across much of arizona with the exception of the southeast pocket of the state where we keep lingering storm chances tomorrow. dry through the morning. and the 10% chance kicks in after 2:00. 10% through about 7:00 after the clearing the -- tomorrow no chances for rain in the valley forecast. we'll stay dry in the valley through the weekend. just a slight chance of storms rushing to the high country by saturday. for today, 78 degrees and mostly clear. plan on a few more clouds by midday into the afternoon. a high in the upper 90s and a 10% storm chance with stronger winds. temperatures in the 90s through the end of the week and the morning temperatures looking pretty good.
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like in just minutes. mallory-- not much happening on the roads which is good news if you're struggling to get out the door. and maybe you're taking the 101 through scottsdale. just an 11 minute drive time. as you continue into the north valley on the 101, the 105 and the 17, you're seeing the same conditions. and the 101 in the west valley. the hot spot it's slowing between 75th and 67th avenue. in that moment i felt like i was not alone. >> yeah, not alone. and surrounded by millions. we have an incredible back story on an amazing act of kindsness. and a heart felt plea or an outright lie?
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request for lenient bond. a man crashes into three
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy.
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he's going like "i don't remember!? 5:24. usually it takes a unique circumstance to call off class. >> for a nashville area school it was at any time weather or a fire drill, nothing like that. the students left the building
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? your presence, lord -- ?? >> more than 400 students showed up at the home of ben ellis and they serenaded him with a nice song. ellis is battling cancer. >> in two days the video has 20 million views on facebook. i just love how didn't feel alone. >> abc news posted the entire story. look at the back story and look into what the teacher meant to the school. talk about reducing, reusing, and recycling -- women in tennessee are making beds out of plastic grocery store bags and giving them to homeless people and flood victims. they call themselves the bag ladies and they are taking action.
5:26 am
you do two or three and you see, hey, i'm actually making a difference in someone's life and you want to do more. >> that's quite the effort. it takes 600 bags to make the six by 3-foot mats. so far, they've made 88 mats this year. recycling 62,000 plastic bags. >> that's incredible. >> great news when it comes to the forecast. 90s in phoenix and i'll tell you what you'll feel when you step outside. and take a look at the delays on the 10. this is 83rd avenue. and i'll give you a look at the rest of the commute. he was supposed to be in jail. so why is he out walking around? the new video showing what looks to be special treatment for a former police officer. and three phoenix police officers standing outside a
5:27 am
intentionally hitting them.
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>> >> this phoenix quick trip shut down after three police officers were attacked. new information coming up. and new information about a deadly crash in surprise. and residents in this
5:30 am
trying everything to put out this apartment fire. it was just too big. we talked with the homeowner. why he thinks this fire was set on purpose. good morning, everybody. >> we know you're getting ready to start the drive. iris, what can they expect? >> nice conditions and all dry. here's a live view from the phoenix valley cam. the sun doesn't come up until about 6:00 once the sun comes up. you'll see mostly clear skies. that's where we are with the mostly clear skies and temperatures in the upper 70s. so very nice. some breezes this morning. and the winds will increase as we go through the day. and by this afternoon it will be breezy across the valley. windy across northern arizona. if you're driving around by lunchtime running errands, temperatures in the 90s. and we make it to the upper 90s. that's it. no triple-digits, the high 98 degrees.
5:31 am
afternoon. and we'll talk about the lingering storm chance in just a few minutes. no crashes on the freeways, take a look. the 10, the delays are starting to set in for west valley drivers. the delays start just before this. probably around 91st it starts getting heavy. we're up to about 16 minutes or so. 16 minutes here. this is i-10 eastbound from loop 101 until you hit the 17. and you're slow almost that entire stretch. and the on and off slowing that we see on the 10. and quiet for the north valley and east valley drivers. >> 5:31 now and back to breaking news. a car intentionally crashes, driving into three phoenix police officers overnight. investigators telling us this was no accident.
5:32 am
and a scene at the quick trip. what are you learning about the man who caused all the chaos >> the suspect is being questioned by detectives. but police say this was an intentional act. he pulled up to the qt and the officers were standing in front of the store. and that's when the guy slammed down on the gas pedal and drove straight at he hit two of them but he didn't stop there. he got out and wrestled with the third officer until backups got here. abc 15 was the only station here. detectives are looking at surveillance video, trying to figure out a motive. >> the video shows the suspect watching the officers, moving his car a couple of spots in the parking lot.
5:33 am
suspect who was slapped in handcuffs here at the scene. he is right now in police custody. his name is not being released. but this quick trip will be shut down for several hours for this investigation. chris, as for the officers, all three are expected to survive. two are still in the hospital being treated for serious injuries. the third officer is back here at the scene helping investigators piece this back i'm told he is expected to be okay. that's why he's out here trying to solve what happened this morning. >> thanks to all the police officers, the men and women who keep our families safe. we applaud you for keeping our community safer. i got to head to more breaking news happening overnight. a woman is dead and two other people in serious condition after a bad crash that happened
5:34 am
waddell road. the damage there, two people were inside that car. a female driver in her 20s died on the scene. and a passenger was transported to the hospital in serious condition. the driver of the truck, a man in his 60s was taken to the hospital in serious condition. and that man may have been impaired. that investigation continues. from there i want to go to a brand new crash involving a car and a bicyclist and mcdowell. we're told he was conscious as he was taken to a nearby hospital. we'll have more information on that developing story. i'm justin pazera live in phoenix where a family of four is lucky that they got out of a burning apartment. take a look at all of the damage up there. but then really they have a lot of people to thank because it was an all out effort to try to put out the fire.
5:35 am
the bushes. they were grabbing every fire extinguisher around the complex to try to put out the fire but it was too big. phoenix fire had to come in and put out the fire. i talked with a homeowner. and he was supposed to go to work this morning. he got called in and he took a pass on the extra day. he wanted to spend time with the family. he hates to think what would have happened if he wasn't home. >> i was support my family while this was happening. and just to think if i was at work -- how would it have turned out? >> reporter: so that second floor apartment just a total close and the fire alarm -- the smoke detector still blinking red. the family says all of that stuff, a lot of it is destroyed. a lot of the family photos destroyed. at least they have their
5:36 am
fire was intentionally set. somebody they believe threw something on to the top balcony to start it. as for official word, investigators are looking into that. justin pazera, abc15. >> hope they can track that person down. an update on the bank robbery that ended in a deadly shooting. one of the men -- giving a sob story to the judge, pleading his case to get out. listen. >> honestly, i'm here struggling, trying to get the money for my mom for chemotherapy. and she's already on stage four. >> sounds touching, right? he claimed he wanted a lower bond to be with her. we tracked down a person close to the family.
5:37 am
it's just a employ to get out of jail and he needs to stay there unless he comes up with a lot of cash he will. targeted twice in one-year by a team of thieves. and now he's got video of the crooks. police issuing a crime alert for people in central phoenix. the crystal clear video shows them driving up using a hammer and a screwdriver to bust in and within hauling out expensive repair equipment. >> they're very quick. within two minutes they're in and out with $2000 worth of tools. >> phoenix police is investigating a similar break- in around the same time. if you know anything about this. call phoenix police. schools too dangerous for
5:38 am
home while parents try to scramble to make plans. >> once they get back on routine, that's the thing. once they get settled, then they'll be ripped up. there's going to be transition. >> this is tough logistically. challenger and landmark schools will be closed for five weeks to fix cracks in the foundation. the students will campuses starting thursday on split schedules. still kind of a challenge though. you probably didn't think it would be a huge deal. but hillary clinton's pneumonia is in the presidential campaign. hillary clinton called to cnn, reassuring voters that she's feeling so much better and her health should not be a concern when heading to the ballot box. she's planning to get back on
5:39 am
>> clinton is at home resting. and one of her biggest supporters, president obama, will be campaigning and singing her praises. she'll be focusing on young voters. in october he's expected to start a bigger part of the campaign strategy. >> we have a choke hold. >> things getting physical there. this the scene at a donald trump rally a man grabbing a protester by the neck and appears to punch him in the face. the guy was escorted out. and he apparently tried to grab a woman who was being escorted out. let's talk about your most accurate forecast. right now feeling pretty good. when you step outside, we're in the 70s across the valley. and that's what you'll feel on the way to work.
5:40 am
and our sunrise this morning happens at 6:11. we'll see the daylight towards the 6:00 hour. we do still have a slight chance of storms in the valley forecast. and across northern arizona. winds will also be picking up today not just in the valley but across the state. and we'll enjoy a nice dose of cooler air. it will keep our temperatures lower today and below average. right now 78, 93 by your lu hour. and today's high makes it to 98 around 3:00. and then back to 97 by 4:00. in the low 90s by 7:00. a slight chance for storms and it will be warm and breezy this afternoon with valley winds in the breezy range sustained by later today between 10 and 20 miles per hour. coming in out of the south, southwest. gusts at times between 25 and 30 miles per hour. and stronger winds up north
5:41 am
tell you about. and i'll show you which spots have the best potential of seeing storms today. the only spot you'll have to hit the brakes is i-10 in the west valley. from the 101 to the 17. south of the 10 there's a crash. 75th avenue at buckeye. and it could be involving a pedestrian. we don't have many details. eastbound on buckeye. it's a little slow. van buren could be a good option. and over to the east it's quiet. and you can see from our adot camera. the volume is building and there's a car on the right. looks like it could be a stall. we'll head to i-17 next. time now 5:41. a cop turned inmate but does this look like someone in trouble? why this video has many questioning a valley police department.
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it's a quarter to 6:00 and take a look. what a beautiful sky. mostly clear. you see a few whispy clouds on the horizon. but a cool morning relatively speaking. 78degrees in phoenix. iris has the most accurate forecast coming up in minutes. here's christopher sign at the abc15 li >> i put this on facebook and on my facebook page swell. this is a live look from the qt. i-17 west of camelback. three phoenix police officers were targeted. intentionally hit by a driver who rammed the officers as they were standing outside the quick trip. the two officers involved have serious injuries, one with a head injury and the other with broken bones, all three taken to the hospital. and the suspect involved has
5:46 am
katie conner is reporting that person is out of the hospital and now on the way to jail. some with wondering if a former police officer got special treatment while he was behind bars. he retired earlier this year after a drunk driving arrest. he was supposed to serve a brief sentence at scottsdale jail. video shows a man who looks a lot like him officer behind bars. we did reach out to the scottsdale police department and they say they are not commenting until an internal affairs investigation is complete. this will get your skin crawling. sorry if you're eating breakfast. a valley family thought they'd pick up a few items at wall marts. they picked up bedbugs.
5:47 am
those are in fact bedbugs. her husband sat in a motorized scooter and noticed he was getting itchy. he stood up to check. >> my whole back was full of bites. >> from just a few minutes? >> a few minutes. >> reporter: so you got outside and did what? >> i literally stripped down, all my clothes off. >> the store officials responded saying of the scooters out of use and are bringing in an expert for testing. >> disgusting. more than 102 days until christmas. target is putting out the call for extra help. it's the first big chain to announce they'll have 70,000 extra people. target wants another 7500 to help with online orders. a big hiring event will be held next month. and speaking of shopping,
5:48 am
too much work sometimes. it appears walmart wants self- driving carts. according to a patent granted last week. the company is planning to roll out a cart that drives itself. customers can request a cart by smartphone and the roaming motors will be able to grab a cart and bring it to a customer. no word on when or where walmart intends to use the system. >> sounds dangerous. the only time you might use cursive is to sign your name. should students be required to learn cursive writing? a main focus of a series of hearings addresses that issue. it's part of the newly proposed english and math standards.
5:49 am
third graders, went to hear what you think. the website is there on the screen. you can find details about the meeting there. the next one is thursday. and we'll be talking about this on social media. a lot of people chiming in. check out this video. the cleanup effort after a hurricane. nearly 3000 florida homeowners putting all of that debris out. all they could gather so crews hermine whipped through the east coast. and the preliminary damage in pasco county north of tampa, $110 million just for that area. >> incredible. and hopefully no cleanup across our state thanks to the strong storms that developed yesterday afternoon. if you have to get out early, we're not tracking any storms. just looking at mostly clear skies as we kick off the day
5:50 am
cam. camelback mountain looking pretty good. and if you want to go hiking, you have a window of time. temperatures will be pretty comfortable. in the 70s right now across much of the valley. and phoenix also coming in in the 70s. 78 in gilbert. scottsdale is 78 too. and anthem is 76 degrees. 77 right now in surprise is coming in at 74 degrees. so not a bad start to the day. and we'll enjoy a gradual warmup. so we actually won't make it to the 90s until about 11:00 this morning. it's 78 now. and we'll climb to 89 by 10:00. and then the 90s move in and we'll spend the afternoon in the 90s. and i don't have any triple- digits in the forecast for the valley or across the state. phoenix only tops out at 98 degrees. we'll see a few more clouds
5:51 am
and there's a slight chance of a storm later on. we're all dry across the state. and i think with the lingering moisture we could get a stray shower or a thunderstorm. i don't want you to let your guard down. the best potential will be on the rim. we could see a stray shower or storm along the northern foothills. we'll be keeping an eye on it through the afternoon. know that the chance is at least there. a high of only 98 degrees today. and check out the 7-day forecast. we're talking highs in the 90s all the way through saturday. those morning temperatures only in the low 70s each day. i'll look at the bus stop forecast for the you next. and iris, the two hot spots will be the 10. and i-17 also slowing now. and this is year camelback or so. it's the heaviest spot. and the desert drive time is
5:52 am
that's the busiest spot. and i-17 eases up near 7th street or so. i want to give you a look at i- 10 in the east valley. we're seeing flashing lights on the right-hand side. a tow truck just showed up. it's slowing things up just a little bit. stay to the left to give them extra space. this is right near u.s. 60. sparks fly on the floor for the olympian ryan lochte. it wasn't his performance that's getting the attention.
5:53 am
5:54 am
it was doggie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find,
5:55 am
>> >> do you have an old bike taking up let it be a holiday miracle for a kid in foster care. it's the annual recycle your bicycle campaign. and you can drop off old bikes at one of 20 different locations. you can donate money or volunteer to help fix up the bikes. find a full list on american swimmer ryan
5:56 am
back into america's hearts. his first dance wet pretty well well but things got out of hand. >> -- hey, back off. excuse me, excuse me. >> wow, okay. >> two men were tackled by security and arrested. and four women were wearing no lochte shirts. all of for heckling. our phoenix valley cam showing the mostly clear skies and dry roads this morning. and i'll show you what you'll feel as you walk to the bus stop next. and solid delays on i-10. and we'll head to i-17 and have a look at those delays. the breaking news in three phoenix police officers targeted by a driver as they stood outside a qt. a school bus goes up in
5:57 am
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the $3.50 sub of the day every day of the week... at subway?. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue the $3.50 sub of the day and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? a driver crashes into three police officers at this qt. why investigators say it was no accident. and residents at a phoenix apartment complex doing everything possible to put out a fire.
6:00 am
apartment and talking to the homeowner. >> my fear is his -- are escalating. >> a warning for valley police as joggers are told to be extra vigilant. you're following breaking news. >> breaking and scary. we talk about our first responders, the men and women who protect our community coming under attack in phoenix. as i three police officers intentionally hit while on the job this morning. and right now three officers are recovering after an overnight incident. two of them still in the hospital. katie conner has been following every single development for us. she's just west of the i-17. it's my understanding you just got a brand new piece of information. what do you have? >> reporter: one of these officers that was injured --


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